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Title: الإدارة المدرسية وفق الصلاحيات الممنوحة لمديرات المدارس الابتدائية في منطقة الباحة بالمملكة العربية السعودية : دراسة تحليلية
Authors: مني بنت محمد علي الغامدي
Keywords: الادارة
التخطيط التربوى
Issue Date: 1428
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: abstract According to headmasters notion ,the study's result shows ; 1) The head masters strongly agree on the practice of the professional, academic, cultural, social, and personal sufficiency . 2) There are no statistic differences for the practice degree of headmasters for the professional, academic, cultural, personal, and social sufficiency according to qualifications 3) there is no incorporeal difference on social personal sufficiency field due to experience years ,but there is an incorporeal difference on cultural ,professional and academic sufficiency field due to experience years ; the 5-10 year experience group showed the least approval for the the fields of the professional sufficiency ,academic sufficiency and cultural sufficiency 4) There is a strong incorporeal connection between the fields of professional sufficiency, academic sufficiency, cultural sufficiency and social sufficiency. Recommendations According to the study, the following is recommended. It is advisable to; 1) Apply continually the authority given to the headmasters. 2) Provide more authority to help the headmasters play a stronger role in keeping teachers discipline, absence and in solving their personal problems. 3) Provide more authority to help headmasters solve the educational and behavior problems. 4) Provide more authority to help headmasters prepare, implement and evaluate educational programs and also to help them participate in developing syllabus and in making suggestions related to educational policy. 5) Provide incorporeal and financial motives for headmasters. 6)It is recommended that programmers of headmasters training courses should design reinforced courses in the field of administration with focus on academic, professional, cultural, personal and social sufficiency. 7) Design long training courses (a whole term) for headmasters as applied in boys' educatio
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