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Title: استخدام نظم المعلومات الجغرافية في ادارة المصادر الطبيعية وتنمية البيئة التحتية : تطبيق علي ولاية البحر الاحمر
Authors: ثويبة العوض حاج علي
Keywords: نظم الملعومات الجغرافية
تنمية البيئة
المصادر الطبيعية-ادارة
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: Abstract This research aims to make an integrated database of natural resources and infrastructure in the state to make it easier for decision makers to classify these sources in terms of quantity and quality so as to facilitate their management and accordingly development also works this research that the database is this nucleus of a map of domestic investment and regional state and we will try to access to primary indicators of the investment map of the state and that is by using geographic information system. The Red Sea lacks to classified sources of information (database), which was the reason for the delay in the development of the state. Most of the information was scattered in their respective fields, where there is no link and communication between various departments. The data of GIS system is stored in more than one layer To overcome the technical problems resulting from the processing of large amounts of information resulting fiom the spatial data at once, It is available the necessary requirements to be based geographic information system to save all the data or most of the data in the Red Sea state in a database system(oracle) by using the query language (SQL) because of its strength in the potential and of the storage spaces at very large as well as to support the large database applications and the speed of processing. Been taking advantage of the implementation of the data and draw conclusions in the decision-making, which is the largest concems in natural resources management and infrastructure development, leading to the availability of information quantity and duality of the environment and its various components in an environment that is visible on the maps help to support decision-making right and timely, so as to analyze data that We have built a system for which their utilization in the objectives of the new system.
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