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Title: (2005 - 1948)(الدولة اليهودية وابعاد الصراع في الشرق الاوسط )
Authors: محمد يوسف محمود ابو النيل
Keywords: الصراع - الشرق الاوسط
الدولة اليهودية
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: Abstract ' The subject “The Jewish and Dimensions of the Conflict in Middle East between 1948 — 2005” study tries to concentrate on the extend of the legislation and legality of the Jewish state in the middle east, how it was established, the foundations that it was supported by, the extend of the external supports it gained to emerge and t-he exciting conflict between it and the neighboring states which have tried all means to delete its existence. The study includes an introduction and five Chapters. In Chapter One the researcher pointed out how the Jewish state was established, the factors which supported emerging that strange state and how the supper power countries recognized its legitimacy. " , In Chapter Two the researcher over powered on the laws which were placed by that existence in order to make control of the remaining lands and dismiss its original inhabitants. In Chapter Three of this study, the researcher concentrated on the role of Jewish in creating this hostile state, how they look at other nations and how it deals with other religions. In Chapter Four the researcher emerged the various aspects of the conflict with the Jewish state, when it started and how these achievements have been achieved by this usurper. In Chapter Five the researcher over pointed on the agreements and peace project that have been reached with the Jewish state. The study concluded that the Jewish state emerged on the Arab lands with the support of the super power colonial countries which aimed at making this region as the centreof the permanent conflict so that. they fined a justification to interfere whenever they want and meet there purposes having the Arab countries divided without being united in making one decision.
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