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Title: اتجاهات الاستثمار في ولاية دار فور الكبري
Authors: علي موسي محمد ابو غرة
Keywords: الاستثمار
الاستراتجيات السياسية
Issue Date: Jan-2003
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: Abstract l This thesis undertakes to investigate investment and its importance to development in Sudan in general and Darfur State! in particular. Economists and investment scholars have reiterated that investment is an important factor in steering the wheel of economic activity and boom in the national revenue. The greater Darfur State abounds in huge and various resources that have not been exploited for development purposes. There have not been true investments despite the huge potentials and the various investment opportunities. The lack of investment projects can be attributed, interalia, to the absence of strategies, balanced national policies, financing rand infrastructure problems, and political and security stability. ' The study aimed at showing the significance of investment in stirring the available recourses in the state. V p Descriptive and analytical methods which are used to on the review and explicatation of what have been mentioned im the resources, reports and scientific papers, have been used to deduce necessary information , in addition to what has been obtained through interviews and discussions. _ A number of conclusions are reached to; the most of which are; Greater Darfur State is one of the richest States of Sudanl with regard to natural resources; it is the third after Gezira and Khartoum States, population-wise. I-lowever, it is one of the most backward states of Sudan, economically and socially duelto its poor inl’rastructure and lack of development projects. l The study recommends that it is indispensible to accelerate the establishment ofthe regional planning Board in order to lay the objectives and development strategies and the priorities. Thelboard should find a unit for economic research to collect data for analysis and to carry out economic and social feasibility studies and investment projects. '
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