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Title: Structural, Optical and Electrical properties of Novocrete Material
Authors: Ibrahim A. Sulieman
Mohammed A. Siddig
Abdelrahman A. Elbadawi
Keywords: Optical
Electrical properties
Novocrete Material
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2014
Publisher: جامعة النيلين - كلية الدراسات العليا
Abstract: From the material science importance in many life fields; the Novocrete material which plays a significance part at buildings and roads becomes a new material that wasn't studied before. The results showed that the Novocrete poses a poly crystalline structure exactly orthorhombic with (Pnma) space group and lattice parameters a = 7.667, b = 4.799 and c = 9.002 Ao respectively. The optical properties that have been examined by both Fourier Transform Infra Red FTIR and Ultra Violet UV showed the bonds and energy band gap; the energy gap value and the multi bonds indicate that the material is insulator and the impedance spectroscopy results confirm the behavior. For environmental issue the material can be classified as an environment friend, the reason is coming from the Novocrete material elements. Key Words: Novocrete, FTIR, UV, XRD, SEM
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