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Title: Assessment of Spectrum Utilization in Dynamic Spectrum Access systems
Authors: Hala Eldaw Idriss
Keywords: Engineering
Dynamic Spectrum Access
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: AL-Neelain University
Abstract: ABSTRACTABSTRACTABSTRACTABSTRACT ABSTRACTABSTRACTABSTRACT The limited available spectrum and the inefficiency in the spectrum usage necessitate a new communication paradigm to exploit the existing wireless spectrum opportunistically. This new networking paradigm is referred to as Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA). The current thesis concerned with the dynamic spectrum access, where useful multiple access techniques (CDMA) with spreading spectrum technologies to achieve high efficiency with large capacity is explained in detail. More specifically, a brief overview of the software defined radio technology is provided and parameter of different systems that use DSA techniques is introduced. Moreover, DSA functions such as spectrum management and spectrum sharing are explained in detail. Finally, the performance and efficiencies of these systems that uses for comparison were discussed and compared by a MATLAB program.
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