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Title: أثر اقتصاديات هندسة النقل والمرور والتخطيط العمراني على نمو مدينة الخرطوم عمرانيا ومروريا
Authors: عبدالله بابكر عبد النبى مصطفى
Keywords: اقتصاد
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Abstract : This research is about one of the important planning problems in the field of physical planning in the metropolitan area in the city of Khartoum. The planning problem can be classified as a traffic congestion problem, which affecting the study area, and its taking place almost during the main effective hours of the day. So this thesis is trying to find a solution for this problem and this study is taking care for one of important topic , that the engineering economy , beside the traffic science & physical planning as an umbrella which covering the research. The study is standing on a useful data which has been collected by some volunteers (students in the planning studies) using field survey. This data collection of this thesis can be summarized in to the following points: 1. Background theory and similar previous research. 2. Part of the data which involved in this research was collected from the executive sector which related to the research area. 3. In addition, of course the collection of data from the field which already have mentioned. 4. Also there is a collected data from the field using another way that is questionnaires system, which is very useful. * The thesis has successfully identified the problem of the research, and suggested some ideas, which may give a good solution to research problem. Finally, there is a list of important references, which can used for future similar study. And there is a useful appendix.
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