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Title: Acquisition of Nouns: Plain Nouns versus Nouns with Pictures
Authors: Osman Elamin Abdulgadir Elnour
Keywords: English Language
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: Thanks are extended to all the librarians in the faculties of Arts in Al-Neelain, and Sudan Universities in Sudan and Misurata University in Libya for providing me with for the references I needed. Abstract This research investigates the acquisition and memorization of English language as a second language (L2). It is applied through testing a group of 40 first year students of English at the department of English language, faculty of Arts, Al-Neelain University. The problem of memorizing nouns is also discussed. The researcher tries to find the best method for acquiring nouns. According to the hypotheses set, nouns are best learned through either randomly chosen nouns and/or categorized nouns accompanied with their objects under categories. The tests are composed of 20 nouns from each of these two groups of words. xx A questionnaire composed of 20 statements, is also arranged to be answered by 20 instructors chosen from four universities in Khartoum State. At last the researcher lists the results and the recommendations that appear as follows: First, it is found that teaching categorized nouns accompanied with their pictures gives good, reasonable results since students are able to score high marks. Lower marks are obtained when randomly chosen words are used. Second, nearly all instructors support the hypotheses that categorized nouns accompanied 4 with their objects are better used in the teaching process. As a result the null hypothesis is refused. Finally, the researcher recommends that researchers have to make more investigations and researches in the field of psycholinguistics since it needs more searches. He also recommends that instructors should use visual aids in the teaching process. He adds that categorized nouns and their pictures should necessarily be used through overhead projectors, transparencies and other technological means and multimedia.
Description: A case study of first year level /English Language Students at the Faculty of Arts - Al-Neelan University) A Thesis Submitted for the requirement of the Degree of PhD in English Language
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