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Title: Gasoline Hydro Upgrading OF Fluid Catalytic Cracking [FCC]
Authors: Khadija Ahmed Mohamed
Keywords: Chemical Engineering
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Al Neelain University
Abstract: Abstract The main objective of this project is upgrading gasoline with highersulfur and olefin contents using Fluid Catalytic Cracking [FCC] Unit .the FCC with two reactors and heavy crude oil as feed was used for the upgrading process. Direct hydro-upgrading of full range FCC gasoline is difficult, cutting full range FCC gasoline in to a lighter fraction and heavy fraction and then further treating the latter one provides a feasible solution to this problem. The combined hydro desulphurization and hydro isomerization process is suitable for up grading FCC gasoline with higher olefin and sulfur content. The increase in production equal96416kg/h and the type of gasoline produce is high octane number gasoline without sulfur and olefin. The project is found to be economically feasible according to preliminary economical evaluation. The annual income increase when the production increases.
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