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Title: The roles of DOG1, CD117 and Ki-67 as immunohistochemisty biomarker in Sudanese patients’ diagnosis with GISTs
Authors: Mawaheb Elgilani
Mohammed Abdalla
Nada Salih
Babikir Fadul
Elsadig A. Adam
Mona Ellaithi
Keywords: GISTs in Sudan
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: Al Neelain University-Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences
Series/Report no.: 6;
Abstract: Introduction: Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) are potentially aggressive mesenchymal neoplasm. The use of Immunohistochemistry biomarkers for the differential diagnosis of GISTs is rarely used and no standard operating procedure has yet been established in Sudan. In this study we investigated the expression of three biomarkers CD117, Ki67 and DOG1 in GISTs in order to select the most accurate potential biomarker in the diagnosis of GISTs. Materials and Method: A total of 40 histopathological sections diagnosed with GISTs were recruited from Radiation and Isotope Centre of Khartoum (RICK)- histopathology laboratory. The study included 23 (57.5%) male and 17 (24.5) females. Age ranged from 11 to 90 years old. The three biomarkers CD117, Ki67 and DOG1 expression were tested in all the sections. Results: The mean age of the patients was 55.44± 18.43 (SD) years. Thirty six (90%) were positive for Ki67 and DOG 1 and 33 samples (85%) were positive for CD117. Four (10%) samples were negative for Ki67 and DOG1 and 7 samples (17.5%) were negative for CD117 marker. A highly significant association was noticed between Ki67 & DOG1 (P value 0.004). A higher association was between Ki67 and CD117 (P value 0.000). However there wasn’t a significant association between the expression of DOG1 and CD117 (P. Value 0.075). Discussion: This study showed that DOG1 and Ki67 are the biomarkers of choice in diagnosis of GISTs. For the first time in Sudan we showed that Ki67 is a biomarker that correlated with GISTs. It is already known that Ki67 remains in itsuse as a prognostic biomarker. Thus further studies can test Ki67 as a prognostic indicator for GISTs. We conclude that Ki67 and CD117 can be used as a biomarker in the diagnosis of GISTs.
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