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Title: Aneeds Analysis for Designing an ESP Syllbus for the students of sudan neval academy
Authors: alfadil altahir alfadil ali
Keywords: ESP Syllabus
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Neelain University
Abstract: Abstract This study aims at conducting a needs analysis of the Sudan Naval Academy (SNA) cadets to design an ESP syllabus based on these needs. The researcher used the descriptive method and the sample of the study (74 students) was chosen exclusively. For data collection, the researcher used the questionnaire and interview as the tools of this study, whereas (SPSS) was used for data analysis and processing. The study culminates in a number of findings; the most prominent of which are the following: 1- Designing an ESP syllabus for cadets based on their actual needs. 2- The SNA students need English for their current academic study as well as future career as naval officers. 3- The cadets need to study all the language skills with emphasis on the skills of reading and writing. Based on the aforementioned findings, the researcher points out a number of recommendations, among the most important are the following: 1- The adoption of the proposed ESP syllabus. 2- Training of teachers to properly handle the task of teaching ESP. 3- Conducing on- going needs analysis in order to constantly adapt the syllabus. 4- Conducting an evaluative study of the proposed maritime English syllabus.
Description: doctor of philosophy
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