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Title: تدخل الأمم المتحدة في النزاعات الداخلية وأثره على سيادة الدول بالتركيز على الدول العربية
Authors: هاني أحمد تاج السر بشير
Keywords: النزاعات الداخلية
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: Abstrac The study dealt with international intervention, in nation disputes, and its impact on the sovereignty of the states, in the atmosphere of accelerating international reality and events, our time witnesses more national disputes, due to the struggle of the different intellectual tendencies , and struggle for authority and interests, while - disputes between state members of the United Nation ,and the intervention of the United Nations on conflicts, is practiced. through peaceful negotiations. which are now the pillar of international peace , also the UN Charter linked between peaceful solution of disputes and banning of force using , as force using does not go with realization of peace and international security. with the existence of violent national disputes, particularly in-Arabic and African areas ,threaten these countries of collapse, due to the weakness of international mechanisms of solution. These conflicts also led to natural catastrophes and total demolition of the infrastructure ,and the death of millions of people, modem technology led to such revolutions ,also media played a great role in these revolutions ,all this in addition to different factors There are constrains ,which face the United Nations ,as it can not intervene directly due to ,such as sovereignty of nation and the Veto , with the lack of clear legal basis for the international law .In any case states’ sovereignty always develop according to the development Intemational Law. Arabic League of Nations failed in finding any solutions for the Arabic conflicts, as the same for the United Nations, representatives go and come without any , results. The Veto right of the five members has not any legal necessity, as it is against equality of nations, and it is ethically against intemational justice, ant its result is more hegemony and double slanderers. The Veto right helped the Syrian authorities to kill millions of people. The research also dealt with International terrorism, and its relation with Islam, after the emergence of organizations such as DAISH, which created Islam phobia, and extreme fear towards Islam. The research reached to a conclusion that, National conflicts existed since old times, but became now a threat to the international order.
Description: درجة الدكتوراه في القانون الدولي العام
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