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Title: المسؤولية القانونية للمقاول والمهندس الاستشاري في عقود الفيديك ((دراسة مقارنه))
Authors: معاني عثمان محمد أحمد
Keywords: عقود الفيديك
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: ABSTRACT This Research raises very important issue, it’s the Legal Responsibility of the Engineer and Constructer in Construction Contracts of FIDIC, it’s important because related to life and property, and the contracts of Fidic provides good conditions, we hope to use it to develop the terms and conditions of constructions in Sudan, we are suffering in Sudan of the few terms and conditions. Therefore, this research studies the birth of contracts of Fidic, their types, and the legal nature of these contracts, and the legal obligations of the parties. In addition, the cases that no legal liability, and it shows the impacts of these contracts in the event of disputes between the parties through the ways provided by Fidic for the settlement of disputes. All these details by comparing the situation in the Sudanese law. Finally in this study deals with the topic by the clauses of conditions of contracts for work of civil engineering the red book, and condition contract for design_build and turnkey the orange book, and compares the Sudanese clauses which provided in civil transaction act 1984, Construction of Khartoum State Act 2008, Engineering Council Act 1998 and Council Engineering Constructers Regulatory Act 2003
Description: بحث لنيل درجة الدكتوراه في القانون
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