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Title: reading speed and comprehension
Authors: osman elamin abdulgadir elnur
Keywords: reading speed
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Neelain University
Abstract: ABSTRACT This research deals with reading speed and comprehension in English language as an (FL) compared with Arabic language as a mother tongue i.e. an (Ll). 100 students i.e. 25 students from each of the four schools in Doha basic and secondary levels, were subjected to experiments in reading speed and comprehension in both English and Arabic languages. 40 teachers were subjected to a questionnaire concerning their interest in the skills of reading speed and comprehension and whether they practice these skills with their students. The research is composed of six chapters that appear as follows: Chapter one includes the introduction, the hypotheses, the objectives, the questions, the problem, the significance and the limitation of the study. Chapter two includes the theories written by experts in the field of reading speed and comprehension. Chapter three shows the previous research on reading speed and comprehension which are totally connected with each other. It also shows how to improve these skills. Reading speed helps a fast reader find the material needed within a short time compared with a slow reader. Chapter four reviews the methods of data collection and statistical analyses based on the hypotheses set in chapter one. Chapter five includes the discussions of the data collected in chapter four and the results obtained from the experiments which were given to students of both levels. It also includes the confirmation of the already mentioned hypotheses. As a result the researcher has found that there is a close relation between speed and comprehension. He has found that fast readers comprehend reading texts better than slow ones and that the teachers do not put an emphasis on reading speed or even have any idea about it. Chapter six includes the results the researcher has come to after careful analysis and discussions. It also includes the implications, the recommendations and the conclusion. The researcher has recommended that syllabus designers should consider these skills in all levels when they design the syllabuses so that teachers can practice reading speed with their students.
Description: A thesis submitted for the requirement of M. A in English _ Language
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