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Title: The Geometric Structure 0f Group Invariant Solutions Of Difierential Operators
Authors: Abdelgadir Ahmed Hammdan Omer
Keywords: Geometric Structure
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Neelain University
Abstract: Abstract Group invariant solutions have been used to a great effect in the description of the asymptotic behaviour of many general solution to systems of partial differential equations. The rigorous foundation of the general method for constructing group — invariant solution requires advanced formalism of differential geometry. From our point of view the Fibre bundle over a quotient manifold approach seems very promising in analyzing the mechanism of group-invariant solutions and classifying different types of behaviour of a system. In this research we shall explore the bundle over a quotient space approach. Our applications will are on some partial differential equations.
Description: Athesis Submitted for the degree of Ph.D in Mathematics
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