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Title: Geology and Potential Economic Georesources of El Jebelein Area — White Nile Willayia - Sudan
Authors: Mohammed Yahya Abdelgalil
Keywords: Geology, Economic
Mines and mineral resources
Issue Date: Mar-2001
Publisher: Al Neelain University
Abstract: This study was carried-out in El J ebelein area-southeastern part of White Nile Willayia-Central Sudan. Setting and regional geological map, prospecting and exploration of building rocks and industrial minerals are the main objectives of the study. Fieldwork followed with laboratory investigation including petrographic, geochemical and geostatistical analyses were the methods adopted in this research. The geology of the stu_dy area is composed of polymetamorphosed and multi-deformed Basement Complex rocks, which is consisting of older gneisses and rnigrnatites of the hi glr-grade arnplribolite facies. They were overlain by rnetasediments of low-grade greerrsclrist facies. Grantoidal rocks intruded both of these units. Reminants of Upper Cretaceous sandstone overlain by Umm Rrrwaba Formation are preserved in basement troughs. The whole area, is covered by Quaternary Superficial deposits. Chemical analysis of the carbonate rocks _in four out of five localities proved them to be suitable for potential Portland Cement Industry with raw mix of the two components: clay and limestone, with a Lime Saturatin Factor (L.S.F) =96. Using arithimatic mean method for reserve estimations of marble deposits. Four sites (I, ll, III and IV) in Nafirr are figuring approximate potential Calcium Carbonate of 36, 20, 45 andl8 million tons, respectively. The discovery of gossans has encouraged carrying a geochemical prospecting in the suspected localities. Revealed trace elements anomalous content of element suggests gossan secondary minerlization, which may be reflected to primary massive sulphides of polymetallic nature (Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu, Co, etc.). The geological and tectonic natures of 'tlre study area suggest that the area belong to older crustal rocks with srrpracrustal metasedimentary rocks. Shear zones are responsible for showing of sulphide mineralization. ‘Morphological clraracteristics, the physical-meclranical tests and nice appearance of granite and marble in the study area encourages quarrying of decorative and dimension block stones.
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