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dc.contributor.authorHu'sam Eldeen Mustafa A. Alwahab-
dc.description.abstractAbstract This work is an addition j_and modification to the treatment unit of the sour water at Khartoum Refinery Plant. ln the treatment unit H28 is withdrawn and burned while the ammonia is discharged on the surrounding area causing environmental damage. This thesis includes the preliminary experiments of struvite formation (MgNH4PO4.6H2O) and the optimum condition such as concentration, pH and reaction time. The proposed unit is designed for production of 515 kg/h of struvite from the stream of ammonia which comes out from sour water treatment unit. The cost estimation conversed greater profit , the market for the product is granted as it is world widely used e.g. in Japan and china as fertilizer. So, application of this proposed unit will be of a great reward economically, as well as environmentally by getting rid of the ammonia and avoiding its negative effects.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDr. Atif Abd Alrahimen_US
dc.publisherAlneelain Universityen_US
dc.subjectchemical Technologien_US
dc.titleRecovry of Ammonia As Slruviie From Sour watreen_US
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