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Title: Customer Relationship _Management (CRM) In Rowanya hotel
Authors: Bader Alden Hamdan Ahamed
Keywords: Relationship Managemen
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Neelain University
Abstract: Abstract: On the basis that the trend of modern marketing concept is to focus more on the customer as basic starting point for all hotel marketing activities ind thus continued to think the development of the relationship with the customer and movation and the adoption of new ideas capable of Mullah marketing relationship gap to chieve superior performance, and perhaps the emergence of relationship management ustomer is in line with this context is focused on the hotels. ' customers great interest about the spending on entering new markets and work on a deep nclerstanding to the needs and desires of customers to ensure the achievement of the value of le product to the customer and make the customer feel that the benefits obtained from the roduct is greater than its cost and to achieve satisfaction and gratification to him to be done on re extent of the customer's life or in other words cycle over the stages of hotel relationship rith the customer starting from the acquisition stage a new customer through the stage and Lrengthen the relationship with him, and finally the stage of retention ‘his means that hotels have become violent in front of the race track is not for the purpose of Iithdrawing new customers about their services, but it has become a think should pay high ttention to customers who are already have, and how to maintain them and increase their >yalty and the development of various stimulation methods. And it has exceeded it. Where Jme hotels have become a distinction between lucrative customers and those customers who o not constitute a clear importance in achieving financial and cognitive its value. and the need > direct its efforts towards the first category compared to other category of customers, thereby aducing the mandated increases business benefits earch Problems Losing sight of customers and ignoring customer lifetime value. The importance of this research is that the effect of knowledge to manage customer zlationships comes through the employment of knowledge by using technical and convert the ata available for the customer to the information and then to ready for action are available to nployees for work reports for customers to know the purposes of the customer diagnosis of a lgh value and interest in and to provide Services for various aspects of customer interaction ased on traditional and modern means of communication. he goals of this research Improve customer satisfaction and Improve customer lifetime value rd Provide strategic information uml language was used in the analysis was also used in .e ADP implementation of the system through input and output screens were used for the work ?Iasp_er iReport reports and linked with ADP. he most important results reached find easy way to work on satisfying the customers with any options and some of the recommendations that expand the system in the introduction of nployee performance and motivation by performance.
Description: Search supplementary master's Degree In Information System
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