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Title: The effect of cotton pillow use with conventional physiotherapy on side sleepers with chronic neck pain
Authors: Nihad Mohamed A Mewan
Keywords: Chronic Neck Pain
Conventional Physiotherapy
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Al Neelain University
Abstract: Aim: an individual’s neck position during sleep is important for decreasing disorders. In that region. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of local cotton pillow use in Sudan when combined with conventional physiotherapy on side sleepers who suffer from chronic neck pain. Subjects: 23 female and 5 male patients aged between 30-60 recruited in this study. All subjects were side sleepers with chronic neck referred to physiotherapy treatment. Methods : In a two armed study trial, 28 subjects were placed into two equal groups, n=14. One group received TENS, US, therapeutic exercise with home exercise program. Second group received same treatment, including the trial cotton pillow to use during the study period (3 weeks) Neck disability index,. Neuropathic pain scale NPS and universal goniometer were used for data collection before and after treatment. SPSS was used for data analysis. Results : With P value =<0.05 with 95 % Confidence Interval. Patients that did not use pillows showed a Statistically significant difference in pain sharpness when compared to the other group, with p=0.001 before treatment. Cervical range of motion was improved in pillow users after physiotherapy treatment in extension, p=0.001. Side bending left p=0.011, and rotation right, p=0.012. Non pillow users group showed no significant difference in reading, p=0.68. Pain sensitivity, p=0.63. Pain unpleasantness, p=0.93 and itching sensation where p=0.294. There was no considerable change in Cervical mobility. Pillow users group showed no significant change in concentration, p=0.165. NPS symptoms were lacking in itching sensation,, with p=0.65. Inter group data analysis , showed results in favor of pillow users in pain during sleep with p= 0.031, and pleasantness of pain p=0.027. Conclusion : local cotton pillow made in Sudan market showed favorable results among side sleepers with chronic neck pain in; pain experienced during the night, and a decrease in pain unpleasantness during the day. This might indicate an increase in pain tolerance that arises from less sleep disturbance and better comfort. Recommendations : More patients education regarding sleeping position and pillow use is highly recommended when treating chronic neck pain in all parts of health professions.
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