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Title: Knowledge and Attitude of Mothers regarding Care of Child Receiving Chemotherapy in Radiation and Isotopes Centre Khartoum 2017.
Authors: Nisreen Mohammed Elobaid Mohammed
Keywords: Child Receiving Chemotherapy
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Al Neelain University
Abstract: Background: Children and parents are confronted with side effects of chemotherapy at home without being under constant surveillance by the hospital. Therefore, tips and advice for facilitating and supporting everyday life at home are very important. Completeness of information is necessary in order that parents, siblings, and other relatives are prepared for the many possible side effects. Objectives: To study Knowledge and attitude of mothers regarding care of child receiving chemotherapy. Methodology: A descriptive cross- sectional hospital based study design. The target sample population was 250 mothers in referral unit in radiation &isotopes centre Khartoum (RICK), from August to December. A structured questionnaire with close ended questions was constructed; data were coded and entered in to a database using statistical package for social science version (21) and data presented in tables, figures and cross tabulation. Approval ethical was taken from the research committee in Alneelian University and written agreement from the state ministry of health department of research management , then verbal consent was obtain from all participants, additionally all participant were informed that they had the option to accept or decline to participate in the study. Results: among 250 mothers included the study revealed (61.2%) of mothers had a good knowledge regarding chemotherapy. near half of mothers in current study there resource of known about chemotherapy from hospital. There association between demographic data (age and level of education) and level of knowledge about care at home after chemotherapy session data) there is highly significant association of them (p-value = 0.034, 0.003) respectively. Conclusion: the study revealed knowledge of mothers regarding chemotherapy had good knowledge but negative attitude.
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