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Title: رقابة المجالس النيابية على السلطة التنفيذية (العراق نموذج)
Authors: محمد خطاب أحمد وكاع
Keywords: السلطة التنفيذية
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: مستخلص تتجّلى أهمية موضوع (رقابة المجالس النيابية على السلطة التنفيذية) إلى أنه يحقق الديمقراطية يمنع الاستبداد وتتبلور مشكلة البحث في أن مثل هذه الرقابة مهمة في كل الأنظمة السياسية، واتبعت الباحث المنهج الوصفي، والمنهج التحليلي والمنهج المقارن، وقست الموضوع إلى فصل تمهيدي ثم إلى خمسة فصول ثاثة عن الأنظمة السياسية والرابع عن السودان والخامس عن العراق. وتوصلت إلى نتائج أهمها أن مبدأ الفصل بين السلطات هو القاسم المشترك بين جميع الأنظمة السياسية ثم توصلت إلى عدة توصيات أهمها ضرورة الرقابة السياسية للمجالس النيابية على السلطة التنفيذية في جميع الأنظمة السياسية.   ABSTRACT The subject of the Representative houses control over the Executive Authority was an important issue, because the Representative houses represent the people's intention and represent the people in the control and accountability of the government. the research dealt with the control of the three powers among them, according to the principle of separation of powers, the principle that appears in the Legislative and executive powers, which known as the political control, the problem of research was what are the principles on which this accountability was based, Is the accounting is the same in all systems of government? the political control imposed by the Representative houses on the legislative authority is considered the most important guarantees of democracy and good governance, the most important one that gave by the separation of powers principle, in reason that such this control leads to political stability, the research aimed to that the governance systems form the political control upon them for the political stability, hence dealing with these systems was the aim to highlight the political control role.The researcher followed the descriptive and analytical approach.The study was divided into five chapters,The study was divided into five chapters,separation in the parliamentary system, and the control on Presidential system,Iraq was chosen as a model for parliamentary control in the Iraq Constitution 2005. The study reached to many results,the most important was: Separation of powers was no longer an absolute principle, and also reached to many recommendations, the most important was that regarded to Iraq, that the legislator made the solution with the approval of the House of Representatives, which made it opponent and judge in the same time, this article must be canceled.
Description: بحث مقدم لنيل درجة الدكتوراه في القانون
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