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dc.contributor.authorفكري كباشي الامين-
dc.description.abstractComprehensive strategic planning in today‘s world has become a feature of the modern-day attributes and all sectors within the state level , and it became the main obietive of every sector that determines the long-term goals and short programs , And to develop an integrated plan that is performed on deliberate steps seeking to achieve these objectives , It has to be the follow-up implementation ot the plan periodically to be able to solve the problems of implementation at the appropriate time , Gum Arabic is considered one of the most important cash crops , which are characterized by high comparative advantage without any alternatives , therefore the demand for it is increasing globally and is used widely and participated in the foreword. Sudan has long been a citizen of civilizations in the Mediterranean basin and Europe , Sudan is the first country in the world in terms of production and the proportion of Sudan ranges between 80-85 ‘/- of the global production of gum from Sudan , ‘ During the recent decline in production and marketing level and entered other countries compete Like Chad and Nigeria in the production of gum Arabic and through this paper will be the answer to the question that says: Sudan to regain its international status through the strategic planning for the production and marketing of gum Arabic ?. Through this paper it was reached the following conclusions 1 1. Their no strategic plan in Sudan for the production and marketing of gum Arabic take into account the support and development of productivity improvement and rehabilitation of producers over coordinating programs with government agencies and international and local companies to provide the necessary to increase productivity and development facilities in quantity and quality plan.en_US
dc.publisherجامعة النيلينen_US
dc.subjectالتخطيط الاستراتيجيen_US
dc.subjectالصمغ العربي - انتاجen_US
dc.subjectالصمغ العربي - تسويقen_US
dc.titleاثر التخطيط الاستراتيجي في انتاج وتسويق الصمغ العربيen_US
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