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Title: دراسة تطبيقية علي بنك فيصل الاسلامىDATABASE MIRRORING تحليل التقنيات المتاحة لدرء الكوارثر في الانظمة المصرفية واستخدام تقنية
Authors: بشارة فيصل علي الحاج
Keywords: تحليل التقنيات ، الانظمة المصرفية
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: Abstract: In many organizations today, data availability and business continuance is a ma] or concern. _ Without the data to drive it, the business can’t perform its necessary functions. While making the data and the technology that houses that data, highly available is a primary concern for many IT managers, there are many barriers to achieving this high availability. While having the right technology is one piece of the puzzle, high availability also is achieved by having consistent processes and well- trained people. One of the primary goals of SQL Server Database was to take High Availability (HA) to the next level. Many of the HA technologies included in SQL Server Database, such as failover clustering or log shipping, are valuable but are somewhat cumbersome to configure and use. Also, they only solve one-half of the equation for many applications, namely failing over the database sewer. This leaves the application developer in a lurch since all applications have to be programmed with special code to fail over the application in the case of a failure with database mirroring; SQL Server solves both database availability and application availability. Among the solutions that we will use it will use technology (Database Mirroring) , which is the subject of our research , where paper discusses the analysis of the problems that occur and losses resulting from those operations , as well as dive into the causes of these faults in detail and their types and then offer possible solutions to these faults and kinds Among these solutions The technique (Database Mirroring) and show the way as the best modem way to deal with those risks as a remembrance of techniques like search and make comparisons between all these technologies as solutions to the risks faced by the database. The research also clarify the practical steps for the implementation of this techniqueiusing a program (Microsoft SQL Server) and test the correct implementation of this technique , as well as viewing the results and recommendations for the researcher .
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