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Title: أثر الرقابة الداخلية في رفع كفاءة اداء الوحدات الحكومية في المملكة الاردنية الهاشمية : دراسة حالة وزارة الاشغال العامة
Authors: الوحيدي, علي محمد سلطان
Keywords: الرقابة الداخلية
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: جامعة النيلين
Abstract: Abstract The study locuses on the weak performance of internal control in the governmental units in the Hashimate at kingdom of‘ Jordan, The ease of ‘ ministry of publie works and housing The objectives of the study are to pursue the following : - 1- knowing the extent of the effectiveness of the internal control organs in the government units. 2- Determination of‘ the diffieulties which hinder the work of administration ' & linaneial controlling units. 3- Determining the factors that help in increasing internal control efficiency performance in the government units in Jordan. 4- Forming recommendations for betterment of‘ the functional performance of the employees of the financial & administrative controlling organs. To realize these objectives. the following hypotheses were formulated 1- lnternal control has effective role in strengthening the performance of government units in Jordan. 2-There are difficulties. which hinder the work of internal control units in Hashimate kingdom of jordan. 3- The internal control organs in the administrative units in the kingdom are characterized by weak performance, which make them ineffecteive The study results have proved the rightness of the hypotheses. The study has concluded with important recommendations in these regards.
Description: رسالة ماجستير
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