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Title: Study of the geotechnieal properties of limestone as building materials at Khor Eit-North of Port Sudan
Authors: Amna Mubarak Mohamed Elhag
Keywords: Geological
properties limestone
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2017
Publisher: جامعة النيلين - كلية الدراسات العليا
Abstract: Abstract The objective of this research is to evaluate the limestone deposits in the Red Sea coastal plain uses as building materials andindustries for example cement-lime mortars.The study consists of the field investigation and laboratorial techniques including chemical, physical, geotechnical and optical properties of limestone deposits. Based on the results of the geotechnical characterization tests, limestoneis used for the production of the mortars, which would then be used for the low coast buildings. Theratio of mortar samples of lime and meta-kaolin were in the range of one: one(LimestoMeta kaolin). The ratios of the mortar lime blended with cement are 70%,60% and50%,while lime, are 30%,40%, and 50% and while theratio of lime to sand are 1:3; moreover the Standard sand size was usedin the aggregate. The activepozzolanawhich is the calcines kaolin at temperature between (750-850C)is used as additive. It was found that the addition otPozzolana improved the compressive strengths of the mortars andlime ratio 50% blended with50%pozzolana i.e. (50%:50%) revealedhigh long term strength.
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