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dc.contributor.authorWamda Musa A. Abdallah-
dc.contributor.authorGamar Karamalla A. Abdelgader-
dc.contributor.authorAbdelgadir Elafadil-
dc.contributor.authorSarra A. M. Saad-
dc.description.abstractAbstract Currently Wastewater is causing a serious problem in many indusnial areas as no proper recycling procedures are implemented. Wastewater from oil refinery in Khartoum produces high amounts of wastewater every daily and many recommendations were suggested e. g. to be used for irrigation of tree plantingln order to study the effect of the wastewater on the environment mainly the soil around the refmery, water samples were collected fi'om the treatment pond in the refinery and soil samples from dilferent sites were taken for quality assessment. The analysis of samples showed presence of high concentration of oil in the water and soil samples. Furthermore, a significant increase in concentration of some minerals was evident. Hence, it is recommended that application of refinery wastewater as irrigation water negatively affected soil quality and might cause soil pollution in the fixture. Keywords: Refmery wastewater, soil pollution, wastewater qualityen_US
dc.publisherجامعة النيلين - كلية الدراسات العلياen_US
dc.subjectRefmery wastewateren_US
dc.subjectsoil pollutionen_US
dc.subjectwastewater qualityen_US
dc.titleHazardous Effect of the application of Refinery Wastewater on the environmenten_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US
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