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Title: Positional Release versus NSAID in the Treatment of Patients withMechanical Neck Pain at the Clinic of Faculty of Physiotherapy inAL-Neelain University November 2015-January 2016
Authors: Hebatalla Maaz A. Elrafea
Sami A.Allah Nogdallah
Keywords: Neck Pain
Mechanical neck pain
cervical spine
positional release
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2017
Publisher: جامعة النيلين - كلية الدراسات العليا
Abstract: Abstract Background: Mechanical neck pain prevalence increased with modern life style. However,the effectiveness of positional release techniques has gained considerable attention in theliterature .This therapeutic options should be investigated in treatment of mechanical neck.pain Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the effectiveness of the positional release in thetreatment of patients with mechanical neck pain. Methodology: it is experimental study, at the clinic of faculty of physiotherapy in ALNeelainUniversity, the sample size is 30 patients divided into two equal groups, l5 patientsreceived positional release (experimental group) and l5 patients received NSAID treatmentcontrol group. Neck pain (VAS), disability (Neck Disability Index), and cervical range ofmotion data were collected at baseline and one week afler the intervention. The data has beenanalyzed using SPSS computer programs. The Result In the group who received positional release, technique there was a signiflcantdecrease in pain (_p=0.000), functional disability (p=0.00l) & ROM (P =0.000) in alldirections. While in the other group who received, NSAID there was significant decrease inpain (P=0.034) & increase of ROM in side bending to right (P=0.023), side bending to lett,(P=0.024) & rotation to lefi side (p= 0.005). And non- significant deferent in functionaldisability (p=0.l3l) & ROM in flexion (p =0.18), extension (P=0.064), rotation to rightQ>=0.292)_ Conclusion: Although both positional release and medical treatment showed therapeuticimprovement, there is no significant difference between the two methods in the managementof mechanical neck pain, either in reducing the pain, fiinctional disability or ROM Recommendation Further studies are needed in positional release based in specific duration and manifestations of mechanical neck pain. And Urgent need for objective research tools forrnore studies in cervical spine. Key word Mechanical neck pain, positional release
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