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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017C.VIntisar Abdelrahim Bashir
2017Cadaveric study of Branching Pattern of The Brachial Artery among Sudanese in 2016 - 2017Mohammed Ibrahim Eltahir
2005calculas - Selected Lucturesjerson, david
2005calculas - Single Variable CalculusJerison, Prof. David
2019Calculation of argyrophilic nuclear organizer region (Ag-NOR) in Sudanese Patients diagnosed with Prostatic adenocarcinomaMohamed Eltayeb Mohamed Abdulbagi
Nov-2017Calculation of Calibration Coefficients of Ionization ChambersMohamed Alnoor Hassan Hammad
2009Calculations of exciton behavior for extended Peierls-Hubbard system using Density Matrix Renormalization GroupAnas Omer Abdelwahab
2010Calculus of Several Variables (PDF)McKernan, Prof. James
2019Calibration of geo-electrical measurements using borehole data for groundwater investigation in basement rocks in Wadi Orshab watershed, Red Sea State, SudanMohammed Noor M. H. Hassan, Abdalla E. M. El Sheikh; Khalid A. Elsayed Zeinelabdein
2015Call center is the Solution of business improvementSara Abdalla Ahmed Saeed
2011Callus Induction and Antimicrobial Activities of Callus and Intact Plants Extracts of Datura slramonium and Nigella sativa ‘ BYFutooh Zaydan Abd-Al- Rahman Mahmood
Dec-2015Callus Induction, Direct and Indirect Organogencsis of Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc)Ammar M. A. Ali, Mawahib E. M. ElNour
Dec-2017CALR Mutations Type 1 and Type 2 in Unmutant JAK2 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms in Sudanese PatientsRania Hassan Mohamed, Ibrahim Khider Osman; Enaam AbdelRhman Abdel Gader
1-Mar-2017Capacity and Quality for Malaria Microscopy at the Primary Health Care Centers, Khartoum- SudanMustafa Ibrahim, Alfarabi; Saifudinn Aljafari, Alfatih
Jul-2002Carbonate minerals Diagenesis In Towaratit Coastal Plain, South Of Port - Sudan,Red Sea, SudanS.M.Elen, O.A.O. Al-Imam
2018Care Seeking Behavior and Management of Malaria among Mothers of Under-5 Children in Damazin Locality Blue Nile State 2018Asfa Elnour Mohammed Elfaki
2006Career Options for Biomedical Research (PDF)Rosen, Prof. Bruce; Yip, Prof. Sidney
2012[Case Report] Dipylidium caninum Infection in a 41 Year- Old Sudanese Man in Nyala, Sudan: The First Reported Case in Sudan in 2006Adam A Adam; Osman M Saeed; Hussein M Ibrahim; Hussein Y El Malik; Mohammed E Ahmed
2012[Case Report] Nasal Expulsion of Rat-tailed Maggot: The First Reported Case in SudanAdam Ahmed Adam