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2017(B.O.T ) الطبيعة القانونية لعـــقد الــبوتحاتم محمد أحمد السيد بخيت
2011(Back propagation)دراسة اثر اللغة و الجنـدرة بخوارزمـية الانتشـار العكسي (ANN)للتعرف على الصوت باستخدام الشبكات العصبية الاصطناعية; علي عثمان محمد صالح عبد المحمود
2010Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens associated with Otitis MediaSalma Sulieman Abdul Alghani
Nov-2013Bacterial contamination of babies’ skin care products in Sudanese marketsYosra .T. Osman, Mohammed Elfatih .A. Omar
2016Bacteriological and Biochemical Studies of Fresh and Stored Camel Meat in SudanManal Omar Mohammed Abd Elgadir
2008Bacteriological Studies and Protein Profiles of Escherichia coli Staphylococcus aureus and Their Phages That Isolated From Soba Sewage StationAyman Ahmed Abedallah Elshayeb
2003Bacteriological Study at nrinking Water In Nvala Town For introudtion of pallutionNada Abbas MIohammed Elamin
2016Bacteriological, Chemical and Physical Analysis of Drinking Water in Khartoum City During 2013-2014.El fadilA. G., A. G.; Muzdalifa O. A.; Ahmed Mahgoub Hamad.
15-Feb-2018Balancing and Trajectory Tracking Control for a Wheeled Mobile RobotAhmed J. Abougarair, Muawia M. A. Mahmoud
2018Balancing and Trajectory Tracking Control of Mobile Robot Using Robust Intelligent System Based on 3D AnimationAhmed Jaber Abougarair
2012Bancroftiasis in North Kordofan State, SudanAzza Tag E.B; Adam Ahmed Adam
2014Baseline Data on Ecology , Species Composition of Sandfly, and Molecular Identification of Leishmania Parasite Spp in Al-Malha Locality, North Darfur, Sudan.Mohammed Abdalla Mohammed Bahar
2007- Basic and Secondary Levels’ English Language Curriculum Develepment, With a View to Pupils’ Standard Improvement. . 'El-Amin Mohammed satin Ali EL-Tom
2013The Basic Verb Patterns and Their Validity as a Model of English Sentence Structure DescriptionAmani Ibrahim Ahmed Salih
2015Battling Schistosomiasis in the Gezira Irrigation SchemeProf. Mutamad Amin
2015Bayesian estimators of the survivor functionFakhereldeen Elhaj Esmail Musa
2002bayesian infernce with multivariate student-t error term with application kenana sugar fectoryabdallah hassan mohammed
2008Bayesian Modes in Analyzing Impact of Foreign Direct Investlnent on Macroeconomic in YemenEsmail Ilasan Abdulatef Al Sabri
Jun-2018Bayyuda Studies : proceedings of the First International Conference on the Archaeology of the Bayuda in SudanAngelike Lohwasser, Tim Karbeg; Johannes Aunmuller, (ترجمة)سلمى خوجلي على
Lecture (17).pdf.jpg2005Behavior of Algorithms (PDF)Spielman, Prof. Daniel