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May-2005REcovery of Ammonia As Struvite From sour waterHusam Eldeen Mustafa A. Alwahab
2005Recovery of Ammonia as struvite from waterHusam Eldeen Mustafa A.-Alwahab
2017Recovery of Internal Parasitic Ova from Black Backed Jackal (Canis mosomdas) in Kuku Zoo, Khartoum stateAli Saad Mohamed
2002recovery techniques with special reference to faisa islamic bank (sudan)┘ĆElturabi Osman Ahmed
May- 2Recovry of Ammonia As Slruviie From Sour watreHu'sam Eldeen Mustafa A. Alwahab
2016Recycling Nutrients of Sewage Sludge Through Soil- Plant- Animals CycleNahid Ali Abdel Majeed Siddig
2017Recycling of A4 Waste paperNuha Faisal Izeldin Mohammed
2013Red blood cell alloimmunization among Sudanese homozygous sickle cell disease patientsAhmed Bolad, Mohammed Abbas; Nasreldin Jiefri, Adil Mergani
2018Reduction of Naphthenic Acid from a Sudanese Heavy Crude Oil using ZeolitesMawahib Mohamedelamin Abdelkarim
2015Reduction of Total Acid Number (TAN) of Crude Oil of AL-fula Using Catalytic Decarboxylation ReactionHani Bushra Mohamed Gassim Fadol
Nov-2015Reduction of Total Acid Number (TAN) of Crude Oil of AL-fula Using Catalytic Decarboxylation ReactionHani Bushra Mohamed Gassim Fadol
2018Redundancy Control Using Programmable Logic ControllerMazen Mohammed Abass Hamed
2011Reference Range of Plasma Urea, Creatinine and Uric Acid among Healthy Sudanese In Omdurman Province A thesis submitted for partial fulfillment for the requirement of master degree in clinical chemistryAbdulmoneim Mohammed Ali Elsadig
2010Reference values of Urea, Creatinine and Uric Acid in Adults Sudanese in White Nile StateLeiza Fuad Hussein
2009Refractive Errors among HIV PatientsAbdullah Hussan Hassan Ahmed
15-Nov-2018Refractive State and Visual Acuity Post Photocoagulation in Diabetic PatientWeam karamallah Boshara Alsafi; Nuha Mohammed Fath El Rahman
2018Regeneration of celite filter aid from dewaxing of sunflower oilHassan Ali Osman Mohamed
1-Sep-2017Regeneration of filter aid (celit) from Dewaxing of Sunflower OilHassan Ali Osman, Monzer AbdElazeeim Suliman; Ahmed Omer Ahmed
2016Relation between Endothelial Protein C Receptor Gene Polymorphisms rs867186 and rs9574, and the Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis in SudaneseAhmed Kamal Bolad, Hytham Ahmed Abuagla; Awad Omer Ahmed, Khalid Mohamed Adam