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2007Activity Based costingاطارعلمى لقياس تكاليف صناعة النسيج فى السودان وفق نظام التكاليف على اساس النشاطعثمان موسى محمد نوح اشراف
Jun-2018Acute Scrotal Swellings In Children, Presentation & ManagementAamir Abdullahi Hamza
2018Adaptive Equalization of Digital ModulationMOHAMMED ALI HASSAN IBRAHIM
15-Jul-2018Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based Smart Anesthesia Monitoring SystemAli Mohammed, Hojood; Mohamed Hussein, ElTahir
22-Dec-2014Adaptive Randomization Methods In Clinical TrialsMontasir Ahmed Osman Mohamed; Khalid Rahmatalla Khider Genawi
Dec-2006Addition of Synethetic DL - Methionine L- Lysine to the Layer‘s Diet As Substitute of SuperconcentrateWisal N., Omer,I.O
2016ADFتطوير نظام تسوية معاشات القوات المسلحة بإستخدام إطار العملمحمد هارون محمد
15-May-2017Administration of Cultural Relations Signing the Memorandum of understanding (MOU)إدارة العلاقات العامة والاعلام - جامعة النيلين
2008Adsorption of phenolic compounds from dilute aqueous solutionsMona Abu Elgasim Hassan
2009Advanced Algorithms (PDF)Goemans, Prof. Michel
Lecture (15).pdf.jpg2005Advanced Analytic Methods in Science and Engineering (PDF)Cheng, Prof. Hung
2017Advanced and Locally Advanced Breast Cancer among Sudanese Young Women in Khartoum State, Sudan. Jan-2017Omer Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed
2005Advanced Calculus for Engineers (PDF)Dr. Dionisios, Margetis
2006Advanced Chemical Experimentation and Instrumentation (PDF)unknoun, unknoun
Lecture (33).pdf.jpg2005Advanced Partial Differential Equations with Applications (PDF)R. Rosales, Prof. Rodolfo
2005Advanced Topics in Cryptography (PDF)unknoun, unknoun
Lecture (13).pdf.jpg2004Advanced Topics Plotting Terror in European Culture (PDF)Prof. Charity, Scribner
tricky_corpus.pdf.jpg2007Advanced Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences and Architecture (ELS)Patricia, Brennecke
Lecture (36).pdf.jpg2007Advanced Workshop in Writing for Social Sciences and Architecture (PDF)Patricia, Brennecke