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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The hepatotoxic effect and impact level of copper on the antioxidant enzyme (catalase) in RatAhmed Idris Ibrahim
2013Herbal treatment of diabetes mellitusI.A.Bashir1; D.S.Mohammed2; S.A.Mohammed3; M.A.Osmanr4
2002hiding information in 24bit BMP imageأحمد محمود حماد ابو محفوظ
2006High Speed Communication Circuits and Systems (PDF)Perrott, Prof. Michael
Dec-2000Highway robbery (Harrabah)احمد علي ابراهيم حمو
Jun-2018Histoire et Civilisations du Soudan de la Préhistoire à nos joursClaude R. Et al, فوزي حسن بخيت خالد(مترجم)
2011Histological Changes and the Hormonal Activity of the cells Of The Pituitary gland Of The Sudanese Nile Fish Clarias Lazera (C & V)Salwa Ismail Ahdelgader Elbajory
Jan-2017The Histopathology of African Horse Sickness Virus in Suckling MiceNahidAbdallaGasemElseed
2007History and Theory of Historic Preservation (PDF)Page, Prof. Max
2004The History of ComputingGerovitch, Dr. Slava
Dec-2018The Holy Qur'an, and King Lear. Ansam R. Almaaroof
2006Homocysteine in Health and Disease in the SudanSami Habiballa Abdalla
Feb-2006Homocysteine in Health and Disease in the SudanSami Habiballa Abdalla
2015Homogenous spaces and symmetric spacesSuliman Mohamed Adam Sabil
2018Homotopy Perturbation Method and Adomian Decomposition Method for solving the non-liner fractional Fisher’s equationHamda Talat Fozy Sorial
lecture (28).pdf.jpg2009Honors Differential Equations (PDF)Hur, Dr. Vera Mikyoung
2005Honors Differential Equations (PDF)Hur, Dr. Vera Mikyoung
6 Toolkits for User Innovation.pdf.jpg2004How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services (PDF + Video)von Hippel, Prof. Eric
1-Jul-2017Human hand palm Recognition Using Merging Algorithm between PCA & LDA)زين العابدين صالح حسن, جعفر